Tree Wall Decals for Kids Rooms

Published: 21st June 2011
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As eco-conscious trends permeate interior design, it is easy to see how tree wall decals for a baby’s room are a result of this trend. Not only do tree wall decals remind us of the importance of protecting the future for our little ones, but they are also a fun and stylish kind of nursery wall decor that can easily wow both you and your little one.

Tree wall decals for kids’ rooms come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. You can find whimsical tree wall decals with curving branches and leaves. Whimsical-styled trees tend to work well in classic nurseries due to the soft design. Cherry blossom tree wall decals are also popular of as they bring a more color and visual interest with budding flowers.

Other baby room wall decals using the tree motif might include modern-styled trees. Modern tree wall decals tend to be sharper and more angular in shape, perfect if you seek nursery wall decor that is a bit more contemporary.

For a look that is larger-than-life, giant tree wall decals are often statuesque in size and shape lending them to a statement-making look, not uncommon when decorating with nursery wall decals or wall decals for kids rooms.

Baby room wall decals that incorporate trees can also be small in size, but big on impact. A few 12-inch trees along a chair rail or above a changing table may be the perfect finishing touch needed in your baby’s room.

Many tree wall decals come in multiple pieces, yet are still easy to apply. They often come rolled in a tube and have numbered branches so you can easily see how each branch connects. To apply, simply connect the branches at the various touch points until you have created your tree. Most tree wall decals are reusable so you can move them from room to room. While many tree wall decals are made out of vinyl, you can find fabric nursery wall decals which are biodegradable and PVC free.

Finding the perfect spot for your tree wall decal may be the most fun task. Putting your tree wall decal in the far corner of a smaller room works well as it helps to create the illusion of depth. For a larger baby room, consider a giant tree wall decal in the center of the room to help create a focal point. Decorate the rest of your nursery with this focal point in mind to help bring focus to the nursery wall decor.

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