Sunderban National Park - Largest Tiger Reserve in India

Published: 05th June 2011
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Extensively stretched over in the area of West Bengal India, Sunderban National Park is an ideal destination for nature lovers in the form of lush green surroundings, jungle wilderness and goodness of rich flora and fauna beauty abundantly available in the park makes it a wide hub for tourists all around the world. Travelers can experience the marvels of largest Tiger Reserve in Sunderbans.

Sunderban is spread over in 1330.10 sq km area with three most prominent wild life sanctuaries surrounding the place namely Sajnekhali, Lothian Island and Holiday Island. Sunderban National Park is majestically situated along the famous river banks namely Ganga and Brahmaputra, which provides best climatic conditions for the growth of mangroves thus known as one of the biggest mangrove forest in India.

Mentioned below are various brilliant tourist attractions in Sunderban National Park, which can be experienced by the tourists.

Flora: The wide range of rich and heavenly floral beauty is famous in Sunderban National Park as soothing climatic conditions and immaculate moisturizing environment helps with the growth of floral variety of plant species, tall grasses and thick mangrove forests.

As tourists enter deep inside rich heavenly forest of Sunderban National Park, the floral preserves unfold its mysterious charm and unmatched beauty. Various floral kinds profusely found in the park are Dhundal, Sundari, Goran, Kankra, Khalsi, Passu, Phoenix Paludosa, Sonneratia Alba, Sonneratia Apetala etc.

Sunderban Tiger Reserve: Major attraction of the park is the majority of royal Bengal tigers, which exceeds with more than 400 species in the park critically protected in India. Indian tiger tour is an attractive and impressive tour for visitors which show them the glimpse of wild beauty.

Fauna: Sunderban National Park is a natural hub to varied majestic Royal Bengal tigers. Apart from tigers, the large population of Chital deer, rhesus monkey, crocodile and ridley sea turtle also inhabits this area. They are often seen lazing in the mud banks of Sunderban delta. Varied types of dangerous reptiles like king cobra, rock python and water monitor are found in the marshy land of Sunderban.

Avi Fauna & Other Attractions: It is the most sought after bird watching area and various colorful birds like Kingfisher, White-bellied Sea eagle, Plovers, Lap-Wings, Curfews, Whimbrels, Sandpipers and Pelican, Kanak, Olive Ridley Turtles, Kingfisher, White-bellied Sea eagle, Plovers, Lap-Wings and whimbrels can be located.

Experience the enthralling attractions of Sunderban National park and embrace your visit with its marvels, which are profusely present there. Explore the jungle wilderness for a delight not to be forgotten!

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