How to increase returning customers to Restaurant?

Published: 16th September 2009
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Today maintaining a customer list in restaurant business has become very important. It is an important item that can actually help you in keeping a close watch on growth of restaurant business, customer ratio and their preferences. If you are one of those who are involved in restaurant business then you must note that every single name in your customer list can make a big difference. The best benefit of maintaining a customer list is that you can contact them easily and may offer seasonal offer that may in turn motivate the customer refer other friends about your restaurant. Ultimately making the best use of customer list in restaurant business matters a lot.

Consider your current customer list as a vital formula that in turn can help you foster a good relationship with your customers. It may even help you generate substantial revenues over time.

A well organized customer list or a database is a less expensive and very effective means of promoting your Restaurant and approaching them. No doubt, this will help you in increasing customer loyalty and thus returning customers, which is much easier than attracting new customers.

However, the key component is to have a system in place that continues to foster and build a relationship with your customer once you have added or obtained them in your customer database/list. In other words, you need to make the best and most benefit from customer list. Here are few important strategies to use customer list that may help you attract more customers-

Stay in Communication with the listed members - Once you create your customer list, it's always good to communicate with them frequently about your new menu, promotions and activities. You must communicate that you greatly value their frequent visits and if there is anything that you may have inadvertently done to offend them, you must be ready to correct the problem. This small step can be very helpful to create your respect in customers' mind. This small strategy can in turn help you grab new customers who are relation with your existing customers. However, you must communicate with your customers whenever you want either through emails or direct mailers, but don't contact them too often or they will unsubscribe or might get irritate.

Send Regular Updates - Sending a weekly / monthly newsletter can be yet another good strategy. By sending a regular newsletter, you can conduct occasional surveys that may help you understand customers much better. Actually, there is nothing wrong with an occasional survey asking their opinion of your restaurant phrased in such a way that you are offering them a means of helping you to improve your service. It is very vital to know what your customers think about your restaurant. This strategy will make them feel good, and in return increase the chances of making them a permanent customer.

Offer seasonal discounts to customer list - Offering discount coupons can at times act as a real bonus for your restaurant business. In a business like restaurant offering "Drink Specials" and "Low-Price Finger Food Buffets" is always a good idea. Besides this, you could also have Frequent Diner cards for listed customers so that after so many drinks they receive a free drink or a discount on their meal.

You may even offer discounts on special occasions like Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Anniversary Party. Now when you offer discount to your selected or existing customers, it automatically generates a feeling of self-belongingness. Sometimes, it is important to let your listed customers know that you personally check back to ensure they have a pleasant experience.

Apart from all this, you may send customer appreciation cards. In recent times, studies have shown that such few efforts make your customer feel good, and they are more likely to use the card.

If you want your customers to do something for you, you have to do something for them. Maintaining a customer list without using them properly is totally a failure. Every effort you make towards a long lasting relationship to an existing customer apart from preparing a customer list helps to keep customers happy. If a customer is happy and satisfied with your customer service, chances are they will visit your Restaurant again and again. If you don't keep your customers active with you, they will slip away and no longer be regular customers. Ultimately it is important to make the best use of your customer list.

Unlike every business, the success in restaurant business also depends heavily on every sale or profit, but a profit generated to retain your customer is a real sign of success. Thus, maintaining a customer list without using them properly is totally a failure. Every effort you make toward maintaining a relationship to an existing customer apart from preparing a customer list helps to keep customers happy. Always try to have the best use of customer list, as it helps in keep business running and show your customer loyalty. - Restaurant Supply Superstore offers more than 6000 branded restaurant supplies at wholesale prices. Buy from a wide range of quality kitchen accessories, dinnerware, catering supplies, bar supplies, glassware and a huge variety of commercial food service products.

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