5 Tips To Improve Your Website Search Ranking In 2012

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Published: 30th July 2012
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Recently, the world’s major search engine i.e., Google, updated its algorithm which has affected a lot of websites that were ranking on top on most of the keywords they were targeting. All this has started a debate over the importance and strength of SEO and many people have started neglecting search engine optimization as they think that SEO is dead. However, they forget that SEO can never be dead and it will remain as the best practice to get high rankings for a website till the time people continues to use search engines for finding whatever they look for, whether it’s a product & services or information about companies.

Apart from this, the algorithm update by Google has forced the SEO experts to modify their techniques of getting websites on top. And to make you aware of the best practices in SEO, listed below are top 5 ways to improve your website search ranking in 2012:

Genuine and Fresh Content Creation

In the internet world, since beginning content is believed to be the King and in reality it is something which plays the most crucial role in achieving high search ranking for websites. Therefore, the first and foremost step is to focus on the quality of content you use on your web pages as it’s the only thing which attracts genuine visitors and make them go through your website properly. And, to utilize it in the best possible manner you must replace your old web page content with something that is fresh and have never been used on other websites. Therefore, if you are using SEO services to get high rankings for your websites, you must ensure that the web content stays as fresh as possible.

Meta Tags

In various study reports it has been found that many SEOs overstuff the great Meta Tags. Therefore, you must avoid overstuffing your Meta tags such as Title Tag, Keywords Tag, and Description Tag with keywords only and all this should be according to the guidelines issued by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Site Architecture

The term site architecture is also known as the usability or site navigation. Apart from using authentic and fresh content you must ensure that your website provides easy access to search engine bots and its users too. Keep an eye on Link structure (for broken links), page speed and don’t forget to use XML sitemap along with an HTML one, as XML sitemap helps spider bots to access your content pretty easily and the HTML one helps users to visit any of the existing web page without making them browse through the entire website. And if you don’t know about how to make an XML and HTML sitemap then ask your SEO Company to get it done for you as almost all SEO companies include generation of sitemaps in their SEO packages.

Link Building

Even after the Google’s algorithm update, inbound links play a vital role in search engine optimization. Therefore, ask your SEO Company to work on building high quality links rather than focusing on quantity of back links.

Social Media

Social Media helps to win trust of people and in getting instant feedback from the users which eventually shows how much of your web content is being liked and how many people are engaging on a regular basis. It also plays a crucial role in building brand reputation, so do not take SMO lightly in-fact understand its importance and work on it to make your website a hit among masses.

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